Lev Hasharon Mental Health Center

Lev Hasharon Mental Health Center (MHC) is a public hospital which provides psychiatric services to a vast and diverse population. The campus is located at the heart of the Sharon district (north of Tel-Aviv metropolis), hosting 300 beds in 8 inpatient wards, treating both acute and chronic patients. The Simon Wiesenthal Holocaust Survivors Residence, part of Lev Hasharon MHC, is home to elderly patients with comorbid mental and physical disorders. In addition to our outpatient clinic within the main campus we host three additional clinics located in Netanya, providing  ambulatory psychiatric services to hundreds of patients of all ages.

Lev Hasharon MHC is academically affiliated to the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University. We regularly host students and interns from medical and paramedical disciplines (nursing, psychology, social work, occupational therapy, etc.) as part of their training. Several leading staff members hold academic positions at Tel Aviv University and are regularly involved in academic research.

At Lev Hasharon MHC we emphasize monitoring clinical quality indicators, ensuring a continuum of care (from hospitalization to discharging the patient back to the community), while taking particular care to consider the families’ needs, a well documented factor significantly impacting the patient’s  recovery. Families are encouraged to seek support for themselves as well as become active in the Family Members Forum which regularly meets the hospital staff and communicates the patients’ and families’ experiences, challenges and needs.

Lev Hasharon MHC prides itself on having strong ties with the community. We host  200 volunteers, most of whom reside in the area, who participate in planning and running several  hospital activities and help fight the stigma against individuals suffering from psychiatric disorders.

Contact us lev-pniot@lev-hasharon.co.il