The Lev Hasharon Mental Health Center is a unique center in the Israeli landscape. The community-oriented worldview has created a magical world of connections and involvement for hundreds of people. Of course, the main goal is to help people find the strength for balance and health in the acute phase of a crisis. But far beyond that, to be a meeting point for community strength, giving deep meaning to human existence from compassion and mutual respect.

The hospital has chosen 5 areas of specialization as a mission to lead them at the national level beyond ongoing work. The emphasis is on social psychiatry, meaning a place where society plays a central role in the disorder and recovery from it. The areas of specialization include:

  • Sexual trauma
  • Addiction
  • Psychogeriatric
  • Resistant depression and advanced technologies
  • Forensic psychiatry

In these areas, treatment programs and sequences have been built, including clinics, day treatments, hospitalization, and rehabilitation. Around each area of specialization, a training and teaching system has also been built. There are a total of 3 campuses in Lev Hasharon: the main campus with 263 inpatient beds, 2 clinics, and 4 day treatments; a community campus in Netanya with 3 clinics and 2 day treatments; and a campus for community housing for Holocaust survivors with 100 beds.

The staff is a seasoned multidisciplinary team that is committed to a wide range of cutting-edge treatment methods and a respectful human perspective. We make every effort to combine high professionalism with values of partnership and humanity. The staff, volunteers, and the community, together with the patient and their family, will search for the best ways to improve the situation of anyone seeking help and use art, music, and a variety of self-expression tools for this purpose.

Lev Hasharon is a medical center affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and is a teaching base for all academic institutions that teach mental health professions: psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, nursing, and expressive arts professions.

The Lev Hasharon Center is ranked at the top of the demand for residents and professionals looking for a quality professional home. The nursing field at the hospital leads the specialization of psychiatric nursing in the country. Behind all the medical activity is a dedicated logistical team that is committed to improving the conditions of hospitalization.

The center is connected to community stakeholders and there are exciting volunteer activities that include hundreds of volunteers.

The hospital has a research activity, the aim of which is to improve knowledge and therapeutic ability. The field of psychiatry combines the human and the scientific. Here the human encounter with the scientific and research front is possible, even in terms of questions about the meaning of life. The developing brain sciences in recent years are creating applications that seemed like science fiction not long ago. Despite these developments, the human therapeutic interpersonal connection continues to be the most important mediator for the technologies of advanced medicine.

The workers and volunteers of the center come from a human and professional mission. Since the measurement of organizational affiliation and climate began in government hospitals, Lev Hasharon has received the highest rating of all government hospitals in Israel. Despite the constant exposure to human suffering, the staff maintains optimism and hope that in any situation it will be possible to find a horizon and meaning.

Contact us lev-pniot@lev-hasharon.co.il