Dr. Dorit Porat

Dr. Dorit Porat is the Deputy Director of the Herzliya Medical Center and the Director of the Clinic for Dual Diagnosis in Adolescents. Dr. Porat graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Ben-Gurion University and holds dual specialization in adult psychiatry (at Geha Hospital) and child and adolescent psychiatry (at the Baril Community Mental Health Center in Tel Aviv). She also holds a second degree in healthcare systems management from Ben-Gurion University.

In addition to her medical qualifications, Dr. Porat is a psychotherapist and a graduate of the Israel Winnicott Center.

Dr. Porat previously served as the Director of the Children and Adolescents Clinic and was responsible for the ambulatory space. She also worked as a senior physician in the Closed Adolescents Department at Be’er Yaakov Mental Health Center.

Dr. Porat holds an academic appointment as a lecturer at Tel Aviv University and is actively involved in teaching students and residents. She is responsible for evaluating Stage B exams in psychiatry for both adults and children and adolescents, and she serves as the chair of the examination committee for the final national exams for medical students on behalf of Tel Aviv University. She has been recognized as an outstanding dean for teaching in the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.

At the hospital, Dr. Porat serves as the chair of the internship committee and is responsible for the hospital’s academic program.