Dr. Assaf Shelef

Dr. Assaf Shelef, born in Netanya, studied medicine at Tel Aviv University and served as a physician in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in various roles. He specialized in psychiatry at the Abarbanel Mental Health Center in Bat Yam.

Following the completion of his specialization, he served as a senior psychiatrist in various positions within the IDF Mental Health Department, even as the commander of the central clinic for IDF mental health.

Over the years, he studied forensic psychiatry, risk management in medicine, and earned a second degree in healthcare systems management at Ben-Gurion University.

Dr. Shelef worked for several years as a senior physician in the psychiatric department at the Abarbanel Hospital, and he currently serves as the chairman of the Israel Psychiatric Association for Geriatric Psychiatry. During his tenure at Abarbanel Hospital, he served as the actual deputy director and assisted the hospital’s director, managed the hospital’s residency program, and was responsible for treatment safety and quality.

Dr. Shelef is involved in research in the field of psychiatry and holds an academic appointment as a lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, at Tel Aviv University.