Dr. Shmuel Hirschmann

Dr. Shmuel Hirschmann grew up in Haifa, studied at the Reali high School in Haifa, and graduated from the Technion Faculty of Medicine with honors (cum laude). Since then he has also studied public administration, law and psychotherapy He specialized in the field of psychiatry at Geha Mental Health Center, worked as a Senior Doctor at the Sheba Medical Center. Dr. Hirschmann managed a department at the Shaar Menashe Mental Health Center and was the Head of Israel’s mental health services at the Ministry of Health. In 2016, he began managing Lev Hasharon Mental Health Center, which he developed as a community and social hospital model. Under his leadership, areas of specialization in social psychiatry were advanced. He personally leads the field of sexual trauma and established in Lev Hasharon the most extensive treatment system in Israel in the field. The system includes a variety of types of day clinics and hospitalizations. The Working methods in sexual trauma that he prepared have been implemented in most of the mental health centers in Israel. He also trains therapists in the field as part of certificate studies at Tel Aviv University.

In the field of medical education, Dr. Hirschmann has been active for decades. He has trained many students of all mental health professions and initiated and introduced the national final exam in psychiatry as part of the training that every medical student in Israel must pass. He is the head of the psychiatry specialization board committee in Israel and a member of the Supreme Committee of the Scientific Council of the Medical Association.

Dr. Hirschmann serves in a variety of positions in the Israel Psychiatry Association, including Secretary General. He is slated to be the chairman of the Israel Psychiatry Association in the future term. He is the chairman of the Mental Health Center Directors’ Forum and a committee member of HIPAM – the professional society for the prevention and treatment of sexual trauma. As part of his activities, he leads the struggle to improve the mental health system in Israel.

Dr. Hirschmann was a lecturer at the Technion. Rupin College and Reichman University. Today he is holds a post of a lecturer at Tel Aviv University in the Faculty of Medicine.